Handmade Masks by Kimberli

Face Masks $12 handcrafted in South Jordan Utah

Masks can picked up locally near 5200 W & 10200 S in South Jordan, Utah or

$8 Shipping for up to 8 masks in a single package within the continental US.


These masks are comfortable, breathable and form fitting to your face. Each mask is made with a cotton fabric outer shell and 2-inner layers of polypropylene sheeting, which is the same material that N95 masks are made of. This gives you the best of both worlds- good filtration and washable/reusable.

All masks:

  • Have 2 layers of Polypropylene for added filtration.
  • Include a wire to form a snug fit around the bridge of your nose.
  • Have a cord lock/bead to make putting on & off quick and easy. 
  • Fabric is pre-washed without fragrance, dyes or softeners.
  • Are made in a smoke free, pet free environment.
  • Are washable.


Email me with your fabric selections and sizes:



Masks come in 3 sizes (measurements are approximate)-

Adult (6" nose to chin x 9" wide)

Youth (5 1/4" nose to chin x 8" wide)

Child (4 1/2" nose to chin x 7" wide)


The masks fit a wide range of face sizes and shapes since they are fully adjustable. It’s better go with a bigger size rather than smaller.
It’s most important to have the mask cover the nostrils and mouth fully. The shape of the mask cups under the chin slightly and the top should come over the tip of the nose about an inch. The sides should be 1-2" away from the front of the ears. 


Any cloth barrier* helps to prevent the spread of the droplets from an infected person and to intercept the droplets before entering a healthy person, but hydrophobic nonwoven layers such as polypropylene between two thin layers of fabric is an ideal structure for a homemade mask because:

1) the droplet will not penetrate through the polypropylene to contaminate the wearer’s mouth or nose and

2) nonwoven fabrics have a better filtration efficiency than a woven fabric because nonwovens are composed of fibers with each individual fiber serving to capture particles.

3) hydrophilic materials such as wipes, tissues, paper towels, or coffee filters are not ideal for the middle layer of the mask because the droplets in contact with these materials will spread out, penetrate through, and contaminate the wearer’s mouth and nose. 


Don't be cought unprepared! Get your masks today to be ready for the future and keep a couple with your 72 hour kits.


Ready Made Adult Masks in Inventory-

Available for pick up or shipped within 1 business day. Masks have either same fabric backs or solid color fabic backs.

Mask ties with cord locks can be replaced with ear loops, just indicate you want ear loops in your email order.

Colors may vary from those in pictures.

Mask Fabrics - Over 100 to Choose From-

Several Select fabrics are $15 per mask as indicated on the fabric image. Masks are made with solid color cotton fabiric backs. 

Made to order masks are usually ready for pick up or shipping within 5 business days. 

Colors may vary from those shown in pictures.

*University of Tennessee Research Foundation, UTRF News April 7, 2020. Peter Tsai, inventor of the technology that makes the N95 filter media.