Mini Earmuffs  

Discreet Ear Protection from the Cold

Soft, Comfortable, Small, Fashionable, Affordable


Mini muffs are soft fuzzies that stop cold air from blowing into your ears without your hearing being muffled. They are very low profile and so comfortable you’ll forget that you have them on, even when wearing glasses and/or hearing aids. To wear Mini Muffs, place them around the back of your neck under your hair and gently press the fuzzies into the center of your ears. 


Mini Muffs come in 3 sizes:


Small/Medium - 10 1/2" fuzzy to fuzzy, fits most children to small/average adults.


Large/Extra Large - 11 1/2" fuzzy to fuzzy, fits most adults.


NOW Available- Fully Adjustable One Size Fits All


$5 each


Get one for every coat and have warm cozy ears everywhere you go!