Past Events of 2019

The 3rd Annual Cannon Ball

A Proper Pirate Soiree!

Saturday, September 21, 7:00 pm

South Jordan Community Center

10778 S Redwood Rd., South Jordan

Avast Ye, Hearties and Fellers!!

Tis High Time to Put on Airs an' Attend

Revel and parley with your crew, dance the pirate jigs, and plunder belly timber at a most swashbuckling soiree-

The Cannon Ball.


All pirates 14 and older are called to come aboard, whether they be old salts, landlubbers, steampunk pirates, or scurvy swabs to revel in Vintage Dancing and Games sure to tempt even the saltiest buccaneer to desire proper society upon occasion!


The ol' daning got ye' shakin' in yer boots? Buck matey, all them there fancy dances are taught ye step by step so ye be dancin' da' jig in no time.


Fine finger grub will be available for yer refreshing.


Early ticket purchase gets ya a shot at some booty. Buy them there tickets early fer yer swashbuckling name to be added to the hat for a chance to win prizes

including Old Glory Vintage Dancers Gift Certificates, Arrgh!


Early Bird Pricing ends September 20.

$20 Pirates of the General Seas

$16 Pirates of the Old Glory Vintage Society


$25 per Pirate September 21 and at the Door 

9th Annual Regency Romance Ball Feb. 16, 2019 

Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT