Upcoming Events


The Paul Revere Ball

A Colonial Subscription Assembly


South Jordan Community Center, 10778 S Redwood Rd.


The Redcoats are coming

Our rights we'll defend

But first let us dance

Until Even's end.

Then off to Concord

Or Lexington green

Where we'll teach those lobsters

What liberty means!


Fear not the dance floor as Old Glory Vintage Dancers will expertly transport you back in time and take you through the paces of the dances of the colonial era, putting even inexperienced patriots at ease on the dance floor.


Our dancing we will be accompanied by Caleb & Amanda. We are so pleased to have them entertaining us with historical music throughout the evening with their varied instruments and hometown charm. They will have you kicking up your heels or stirring your heart with love for country and companion with every touch of their strings. 

Colonial attire is preferred or modern formal attire, please.

Purchase your tickets to the ball before  and your name will be added to the hat for chance to win valuable Prizes & Gift Certificates.


Solve Your Dilemma of Being Born in the Wrong Century and celebrate being born in the Right Country!


Capture the memories of the evening by purchasing digital portraits from our professional photographer for $5.

Public $25, OGV Society Member $20, Digital Portraits $5