About Us

Tom & Kimberli

Kimberli and her husband, Tom, have been involved with vintage dancing in Georgia since 1995. They were first introduced to it at the fundraiser balls they helped orchestrate for the restoration of the Holliday House in Fayetteville, Georgia. They were then asked to join the Stately Oaks Vintage Dancers and performed civil war era dances throughout the Atlanta area. Tom and Kimberli were also a part of the Atlanta Baroque Dancers.


When they relocated to Utah they searched for a vintage dance group here, but when they couldn't find one they decided they needed to share the fun and charm of the 1700's and 1800's dancing with Utah.


Old Glory Vintage Dancers have had enthusiastic participation in the teaching engagements that they have already had in the area. Several times they have been asked to continue the teaching beyond their scheduled time, because the interest in the vintage dancing is so high.


Old Glory Vintage Dancers teach in full period dress including corsets, hoop skirts and beautiful dresses for the ladies, and waist coats, cravats and frock coats for the gentlemen, complete with white gloves. They bring a splendor and interest to any event that they attend.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to bringing the charm and grandeur of the past to your events.